Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jennifer & Jeff - Saint Louis Wedding Photographer

Want to know the coolest thing about having a best friend for 17 years? You become a part of her family, and hers become a part of yours. Her parents become your parents, and her siblings become your siblings as well.

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to not only watch my best friends' little sister get married, but I got to chronicle the whole day with my photography. I got to share in every moment and although I did cry a lot, they were all proud tears.

I hope these pictures help you remember what a beautiful day you had, and what a beautiful future you have together!

As big Cardinals fans of course we had to go to the Stadium!

Hmmm, is he out, or safe?

Hands off boys, she's off limits!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! He's a married man now!

Downtown Saint Louis

Beautiful ladies.

Handsome men.

Of course we had to stop for free wedding day ice cream and J&J's favorite spot!


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